Tuesday, July 22, 2008

the Joplin Wrap

I'm so excited about this new design, the “Joplin Wrap.” I've just listed one in my Etsy shop. To test the market I've been wearing Joplin Wraps around and have heard great comments.

The Joplin Wrap has infinite possibilities. It can be worn long or short or even as a really chunky bracelet. You can wrap it around your neck 4-5 times depending on how long you need it, or wrap it around your wrist about 12 times. Then adjust the different strands to make it fit the way you want.

The Joplin Wrap has made jewelry a little “greener” by using less, if not any, precious metals by eliminating the clasping mechanism.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Buried Treasury Network

Check this out! I have joined the Buried Treasury Network. Visit the site and find items that you might have missed in the past! Have fun!

View my page on Buried Treasury Network

Thursday, July 10, 2008

My new favorite creation

So, now that you have seen my Old favorite creation, I would love to show all of you my newest favorite creation. I love making things out of wood. The process for such a huge project like this isn't always fun, but it turned out great!

These pictures were taken after a week of hard work that felt non-stop. Everyday was way more exciting than the last while the project unfolded.

The wainscotting brought so much charactor to the bookcases. I'm so glad I thought to put it in and that painting the wainscotting is done!

The design for these bookcases came to mind a couple years ago when I decided I needed to break up a room in our house that was huge. Once in my childhood we lived in a house that had cabinets on either side of a walkway. These aren't anything like those, but they were my inspiration. Although I had the design a while back, I only just this past week finished the shelves. There are still minor touches to finish, like caulking the edge by the brick wall and putting back up the original trim in the whole room.

What a fun project. (I can say that now that it is just about done.)I had help from my Mom with the construction and painting. I also had help when I just couldn't get those anchors into that brick!

All in all, I love my bookcases and am very proud of them.! (Oh yeah, I have to refinish that door, too.)

My old favorite creation

Besides my childhood sketch of a hound dog dressed up like Elvis, This table is my oldest favorite creation. I used maple wood, with pegs to cover up the screws. Once I got the wood the way I wanted it, I painted the Celtic design on then varnished the whole thing with marine varnish. Tada! My favorite table. (Oh...of course I didn't make the wrought iron stand. That was an old sewing machine table. The original slap of wood that we had with it was worked into my design of the table.It is underneath the top inch of wood.)

You can sort of make out the pegs along the side of the table. This was all measured out so that they would be evenly spaced. (I was pretty meticulous in ninth grade!)I see I need to do some minor repairs on the mitred corners, but what should I expect?

July Featured Etsy Blogger

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