Thursday, May 29, 2008

Terry Graziano - My New Found Favorite!

My breath was taken away when I stumbled upon Terry Graziano's 2008 line of hats. The statement "hats that transform" has hit the mark with the Fedorable, Sweetheart, Capricious, Cape Hatter, Moxie and Maven. My personal favorite style is the Fedorable. I know I would wear one of those hats everyday and feel like Grace Kelly while wearing it! Beautiful work Terry! I want to share what she has written about her and the design of these radical hats.

"My name is Terry Graziano. I started making hats about 15 years ago, just for myself, because the vintage hats I loved were too small for me. I took a class in traditional millinery techniques, but I didn’t enjoy the processes that I learned there. At the same time, I was in design school learning to sew and make patterns for clothing – and that process I adored! So I began experimenting with ways to use those techniques to create the hat shapes that I envisioned. Out of that exploration, and a desire to make multi-functional pieces that fit a variety of head sizes, terry graziano hats was born.

My creative process now begins often by starting with classic millinery shapes and then imagining what else they could do, given different fabric and construction choices. I use a combination of draping, flat patterning, and machine and hand sewing, to achieve my new styles. It can be a long and labor-intensive journey, but I learn so much every day and find it endlessly enjoyable and exciting! My hope is that you will enjoy wearing a hat that can change silhouette and mood at whim, and that this will inspire your own creativity and spark your imagination with different possibilities for expressing your individuality.

I personally handcraft each hat with great care and attention to detail, using designer mill-end surplus fabrics (ones that would otherwise end up in a landfill) in the most luxurious textures and colors. Each hat is fully lined in silk for comfort, and they are adjustable for head size and shape to create a custom fit."

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What is it? A bunch of trees...

I finally was able to be at the right place at the right time...I got a treasury!

My favorite activity on a nice spring day...

I love to go to Pokagon Indiana State Park. I go there with my dog, Forest, on all-day treks. We usually don't swim since Forest is afraid of water. (He doesn't even like to get his paws wet!)

This year we started out with a long mushroom hunt. Forest and I walked the hilly woodland trails in search of the ever-loved Morel mushroom. After about 2 hours of looking and not finding one, we found eight of them (not very many, I know)and one Beefsteak mushroom. I soaked them overnight and was able to eat all of them myself!

Memorial Day 2007 - part two

Continued from part one...

I felt satisfied with the look of the grave site once I had planted the flowers, and gave them a good drink. Even so, I was still perplexed by the arrival of the new plants that came overnight.

On our way out of the cemetery, I called my mom to tell her of the interesting thing that happened. She said, "Oh, honey, that was me! Yesterday I was painting my armoire and suddenly my dad's picture fell out into my view. It made me realize it was Memorial Day and I even thinking about him. I decided to go to the cemetery. I noticed there weren't any flowers so I bought some and brought them back to plant. I must have done all of this after you were the first time!"

How funny that the two of us would think to go there on the same day, notice there weren't any flowers then buy some and plant them.

This year we went together and planted Astilbe, some sage ground cover, and fixed up the site even more. It looks great!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Hairpin Lace Gargantuan blanket

I like it when blankets cover my feet and have a lot of extra room to also pull up under my chin. Because of this, I decided to make a king size Hairpin Lace blanket.
Whenever I travel, I purchase a couple skeins of wool yarn from that place. So far, mostly I have used my favorite yarn from Moonrover. I didn’t want to have to count stitches, or waste any wool (since I’ll probably spent more than $500 on the skeins to finish it) so I wrapped the individual “braids” around and down to the next row.

This makes for an interesting, knobby, and non-symmetrical look. I love it! This blanket is a ton of scratchy wool bliss, and will be a never ending project.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Memorial Day 2007 - part one

The night of Memorial Day I was going to go to a drive-in movie. I remembered that right on the way is the cemetery where my Grandpa is buried. What a beautiful cemetery. It was decorated with towering trees and blooming flowers and war plaques. The spirits were high (no pun intended) since many graves were celebrated earlier that day.

I found my Grandpa's grave overlooking a sparkling lake right under a humongous oak tree. Even so, my heart sank. There were no flowers or war plaques. How could I have waited so long to come and visit leaving this space bare? I decided the next day I would buy some perennial flowers to grace his presence every year. I purchased beautiful Hosta with the prettiest purple flowers to reside there and attract the animals of the area.

How lovely they would look, I thought as I pulled into the cemetery drive. Oh-my-gosh. There were flowers that had materialized over night. The grave site had ivy, and many other beautiful flowers planted all over the front of the space. As I planted the flowers I had brought, I thought it over and decided that it must be that the neighboring grave’s family that planted those. They must have felt bad and put some flowers here because it was so bare the day before. I enjoyed the act of planting these flowers and watering them. Such beautiful life was the only addition that could bring more laughter and love to the cemetery.

To be continued...

Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Cozy Life

I can imagine it. A cozy life, that is. Living in Arizona where the weather is warm but not humid. Resting on the porch after a fun conversation on the telephone with the grand kids. hhmmmm...sounds so peaceful.

This is what comes to mind when i think of our featured EtsyBlogger Cozy. I am inspired by her riskiness to develop her own patterns while knitting and crocheting. I am not that talented yet so that really inspires me.

One of my favorite items from Cozy is her "Sprinkles Kitchen Cloth"