Monday, February 18, 2008


At a previous employment, we were moving over the office gradually into a new building. One of the first projects to move was the salt-water fish to the new enlarged tank. The people slowly took all of the live rock out of the old tank, put all of it into buckets (without water) and drove about a block to the new building. The new water had not been balanced yet, and the temperature was not correct either. Because there were no fish in the new tank, it was not necessary to put food in it for the three days before the fish would be moved over.

On that third day, the fish were brought over. But, before the fish were put into the new tank, we saw that one of the Triggers was lethargically floating on the bottom of the tank. Immediately we brought food out to him, but we had no luck getting him to eat. What a crazy journey he had. He was out of water for the time it took to drive the live rock over to the new building and to get all the pieces into the tank. There wasn’t any food and the water wasn’t balanced enough for fish yet. Yikes! The owner of the fish just kind of sighed and said that the fish wouldn’t live until morning. Being the animal lover that I am, this made me miserable to think of.

I said to the owner “He isn’t a goner yet. There is still time to pray for him. God will help him get his strength back.”

He just smiled with a little disbelief and said, “Yeah, I guess so.”

I pray all night and was anxious to get to work to see how the little guy was doing. God had helped yet another one of his creations get “back on it’s feet.” The Trigger was swimming like no other time I saw him swim.

Although I admit I needed to go to work to see with my own eyes how the fish was doing, I had not one ounce of disbelief or astonishment when I saw him. I just felt like bursting with joy that God had taken the time to listen to one of his daughters about something she felt was extremely important.

I tell you friends, never (and yes I do say never) fail to pray about something because you feel it isn’t big enough to ask God about. Also, never fail to pray about something because you think you can take care of it on your own.

God had answered many prayers before this experience, but never before did I have this feeling of release and calm when I prayed to God about something. I know now that my concern will be taken care of and so will I. God has steadied me in this rough sea.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

First Spin!

This was sooooo fun! I loved the color changing aspect of the roving and bats mixed together. There is Merino, Norwiegen, and Alpaca all beautifully mixed together. Hhmmmm, now just what should I make with it? I would like to make something special, but so far I have only been working on one project, so i'm still on super-easy projects! I'll have to search ravelry for a cool and easy pattern.

Friday, February 1, 2008

This is a NON-PROFIT listing. All funds go directly to Seeds of Life for the Molbog people.
Threads of Hope: The Problem
What is it like living on a remote island? From a distance it may seem to be the stuff dreams are made of. In reality, it means living in constant anxiety over the health and well being of your family. On the island of Balabac, the Molbog people struggle to provide a reasonable life for their family. It means living each day fearful that you can’t pay for medicine if you child gets malaria, a disease that claims many each year. Parents wish the best for their child but know all the government only offers is a fifth grade education.As a result it means watching your kids leave the island in search of jobs and finding themselves taken advantage of because they are desperate people.Lack of rain and inadequate farming techniques keep them in a constant search of daily food.
Threads of Hope: The Plan
What if we gave them the tools and skills to work? Seeds of Life provided some simple machines and then taught a few women the skills to create bracelets out of simple colored thread. Desperate for work, women came from all over to learn the skills that would provide for their families. Whether by hand or by self-made machines they weave these threads in hope that life will be better.
Threads of Hope: The Big Picture
Not only are these ladies earning a living for their families, they are helping their whole village. After the sale of these bracelets all the funds return to the Molbog people to generate projects that will speak to needs in their village. For example: a terraced farming project and a clay oven bakery are already being started. These two projects will provide food and finance for many families.There is now excitement among the Molbog people to begin ideas for their own school. It really could be a reality! Who would have thought that a simple thread could create so much hope for the island people of Balabac? We hope that each time you see your bracelet or anklet you will remember the Molbog people on the south pacific island of Balabac and pray for them.Providing the Molbog people with hope means giving them a means to a better livelihood. Seeds of Life Ministries seek to model the Love and Care of Jesus by helping the Molbog people have a full and enriched life. Our goal is to assist these people to find a livelihood that helps them care for themselves and share with them the message of Truth that speaks to their spiritual needs as well.
In doing this we fulfill God’s desire for all people.